Not 1994 Static

And by “static” pages we don’t mean, like, 1994 static. The vast majority of Netlify pages are dynamic — they are just interacting with the browser instead of needing to be built server-side. Netlify co-founder and CEO Matt Biilmann, speaking with The New Stack in September 2017.

Experimenting with Hugo, Netlify and JAMstack

I’ve started a new, experimental, blog on the open source ‘static site generator’ Hugo. It’s being deployed by Netlify, via GitHub. This was inspired by my recent column about static site generators (SSG) on The New Stack, where I’m a senior editor and weekly columnist. Specifically, I wrote about Gatsby and the fast-growing web development trend known as JAMstack. Read my column for the details, but the upshot: this is a new, cloud native, way of publishing a website.