Frontend vs Backend

Frontend vs Backend

Useful post by flaviocopes, breaking down frontend and backend as it stands today.


Frontend is the term that we use to identify programming inside the browser. We also call it client-side Web development.


In the backend side you architect and build an application that runs on a single server (in the beginning), and every client accesses that application. The application runs in the server, an environment you control, and then you either send to the browser an application using server-side rendering of the app, or you create an API that just distributes JSON data to the clients (something pretty common lately, especially paired with frontend frameworks/libraries like React, Vue and others).

Also great insights later in the post, for example:

On the backend we don’t have the problems we need to face on the frontend. One thing I often hear is that frontend development goes too fast. New things pop up every day and the best tool change from month to month.

Image credit: Pixabay